Post-Abortion Help

The decision was made. The deed is done.

While there can be hundreds of different reasons why a woman may choose an abortion, the final result on the human heart is often the same: grief, despair….devastation.

Some people believe the only reason organizations like this exist is to stop abortions and save the lives of unborn babies.  While that’s a huge part of what we strive for, there’s another side of the picture that doesn’t seem to be talked about much.  Many of those who want to discourage abortions are women who have experienced the aftermath of one, or have watched friends or family go down the dark cistern of despair afterwards.  It’s not always just the baby’s life we are trying to save – it’s the mother’s!

A past decision to abort a child can often linger and haunt you for years to come.

Please know you are not alone in your hurt and pain.  We want to see you healed and made whole again.  We want to help you not just make it through, but make peace with what happened and maybe come to a new place of forgiveness and understanding for yourself that will in turn pour out to others around you who might need that same healing.

Maybe the loss of your child will be what saves the life of another child down the road.

But for now, it’s your heart we want to help.

Will you trust us enough to let us in?