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Pray and Take a Stand

We encourage people to pray in front of Planned Parenthood, 900 Ferry St., Wenatchee, at any time, any day of the week, and for as long as you like.

If you would like a sign to hold, please contact us using the form on the left.

Consider Volunteering

WRTL aims to be as active in the community as possible, with events and rallies multiple times a year. Please check back to the site frequently to see our upcoming events and come join us! If you have any questions about volunteering or being more active, please feel free to use the form on the left to get a hold of us. It will take all of us to make a difference!

We depend on your support.

Wenatchee Right to Life is our local, homegrown, grassroots effort to uphold the dignity of human life and the inalienable right to life from conception to natural death. You can donate online via PayPal by clicking the button below.

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Or you may send your donation, made out to Wenatchee Right to Life to:

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We have been the voice for the unborn in the Wenatchee Valley for nearly 40 years, and we are so grateful for every financial gift that you entrust to us.